Get Rid Of Warts With Our Verrucae Treatment

A verruca is a plantar wart occurring on the sole of the foot, or even on toes, and developing through infected minor skin lesions. They often appear similar to corns or calluses, but are differentiated by close observation of the skin striations. Here at Wildwood Podiatry Ltd., we specialise in customising our treatment depending on the size, stage and area of the verrucae. Feel free to contact us for peripheral arterial disease checks and sports injury treatment as well.

Protect Your Feet

Verruca can appear anywhere on the foot, from the soles to around the nails. At Wildwood Podiatry Ltd., we offer effective treatments to help deal with the lesions.

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Causes Of Verruca:


    • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV4)
    • Weak or compromised immune system
    • Direct or indirect contact with the virus
    • Poor nutrition
    • Stress