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People with diabetes are usually at a greater risk of developing foot problems. Wildwood Podiatry Ltd. offers a highly professional and efficient diabetic foot examination, which allows us to identify any risk factors. You can make use of our diabetic foot examination services in all of our clinics.

Diabetic Foot Problems

Any pathological signs and symptoms which may be present as a result of diabetes are important to pick up early. The main focus of this screening is on monitoring the diabetes control, and to identify and prevent the advancement of of diabetic foot pathologies.

The Best Option For Your Foot Health

Any underlying pathological issues are usually flagged up when symptoms such as tingling, burning or numbness are displayed. We test your response to certain sensations, tendon reflexes and muscle strength in the feet and ankles. This is important to determine whether onward referral to a doctor or consultant is is necessary, or if further podiatric foot care is the best option for you.