Gait And Running Shoes

Our gait analysis service is essential if you are suffering from foot or lower limb pain. Even if you are not, it is a great way of gauging any problems with your movement which may lead to injury. When buying new running shoes, gait analysis is a great way of detecting small movements, which may be putting your feet and limbs under undue stress. A podiatrist will then be able to correct any mobility issues.

Gait And Posture

Wildwood Podiatry Ltd provides a highly professional and accurate gait analysis service which will get you moving correctly!

Facilitated by the latest technology, our podiatrists can detect a range of small issues relating to posture, stance and running style. After a gait analysis, the podiatrist will be able to dispense advice or a prescription, in order to correct your movement and provide relief.

Get To The Root Of Your Pain

We study the forces at work on your joints, muscles and bones during movement in order to establish the root cause of your pain.

A gait analysis is a great way of identifying any biometric abnormalities which are causing pain. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and treat these issues and provide you with the joy of pain-free movement!