We Will Get You Back To Your Favourite Sport

Ignoring a sports injury may make you become more prone to suffering from serious musculoskeletal problems in later life. Here at Wildwood Podiatry Ltd., we will help you through the steps need to recover from an ankle, foot or toe injury. We can provide advice to enable you to return to your sporting activities. Why not get your ankle sprain or foot injury looked at by an expert to help avoid any serious lower back, hip and knee problems later on. Remember, we also treat fungal toenails and provide verrucae treatments.

Foot Pain Treatments

If you are suffering from foot pain following a sports injury, we can help reduce the pain. Our podiatrists are experts in sports injury pain and can offer effective treatment to help you get back on your feet. We are also continually revising our treatment methods to offer the best advancements in this field to our clients.

Foot Posture And Functioning

If your leg or foot condition is linked to poor foot posture and function, we can help. We have specialists who can investigate the cause and provide appropriate treatments. We can also build custom-made functional foot orthoses. Call us today to book an appointment.