Podiatrist/Chiropodist : Mr Sunil D. Sonigra, MSc, DPodM, MCPod

At Widwood Podiatry Ltd., we offer treatment for a range of toenail problems, such as involuted nails, thickened and distorted toenails, and of course, ingrowing toenails. Sometimes, minor nail surgery may be required to resolve the issue.

Wildwood Podiatry Ltd. offers a highly professional and careful toenail surgery, with local anaesthesia, to treat a variety of toenail problems. Should it be necessary, surgery is carried out by a highly qualified and HCPC registered podiatrist/chiropodist with over 33 years of experience, Mr Sunil D.Sonigra, MSc, DPodM, MCPod.

Toenail Care Service

After assessment, if you require toenail surgery for an ingrowing toenail or for a painful abnormality of the nail, then Wildwood Podiatry Ltd, provides a highly professional service. Contact us today and look forward to pain-free, healthy feet!